Sweet California hair perfume

Sweet California hair perfume

Revitalise your hair with our exclusive range of hair fragrances. Specially formulated for freshness and shine, these perfumes are perfect for everyday use. The lightweight formula not only refreshes, but also leaves your hair softly scented and radiant.


Sweet California hair perfume 

Our new line of hair perfumes is here! Designed specifically for hair care, these alcohol-free fragrances beautify your hair without damaging it, leaving it shiny and luminous. Ideal for everyday use, they refresh your hair while leaving a long-lasting scent.

Sweet California: The sweet perdition. Perfect for lovers of sweet scents, this hair perfume creates an irresistible trail in your wake, enveloping every strand with a touch of magic.

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Frequently asked questions about hair perfumes

What is a hair perfume?

Hair perfumes are special fragrances for your hair, which don't contain alcohol and are harmless for your hair.

Hair perfumes provide vitamins that strengthen your hair, protecting it against external agents such as smoke and heat. It also smells wonderful.

Keep in mind that a hair perfume is not a substitute for hair shampoo: it helps our hair making it look shiny, with a wonderful fragrance.

When should we use a hair perfume?

Hair perfumes are alcohol free and do not irritate the scalp.

It can be used at any time: after a long day of work two sprays are enough to give your hair a wonderful smell. Furthermore, it makes your hair look shiny and fresh, and eliminates bad odors such as tobacco.

It is the perfect product to carry in your bag, once you try it you won't stop using it.

How is a hair perfume used?

You should use it on your hair once it's dry, it can also be when your hair is wet but it is preferable not to do so if you are going to use the hair dryer or flat iron.

Hair perfume can be sprayed directly on the hair; on your hands if you prefer to massage your hair or on the comb if your are going to brush your hair.

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