Vanilla Car Air Freshener

Vanilla Car Air Freshener

Car Air Freshener - Vanilla

This air freshener is based on the aroma of Vanilla.

This air freshener is made with essential oils of strawberry, cherry, blueberry, blackberry raspberry and pomegranate. Contains an intense fruity aroma full of freshness and energy.

This air freshener is for those who are looking for a sweet and intense fragrance for their vehicle.

Our car air fresheners have a great capacity for air freshening, eliminating bad odors and leaving your car with a fresh and natural fragrance without being heavy

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Car Air Freshener - Vanilla

The essential oils with which this car air freshener is made are diffused throughout the environment thanks to its wooden stopper, although they are long-lasting, the aroma of these air fresheners is not overloaded.

*Wood is an excellent conductor of aroma, which is why different types of home air fresheners use it to diffuse their fragrance.

Instructions before the first use of the air freshener:

  1. The air freshener is closed. Once you have removed the packaging, you proceed to unscrew the wooden lid of the car air freshener.
  2. Once unscrewed you will see that the bottle has a plastic safety cap, you must remove it.
  3. Once removed, screw the wooden plug back on. Be careful: this part is delicate, some of the content may spill, please do so carefully.
  4. Once the wooden stopper is screwed on again and making sure that it is tightly closed, turn the bottle and keep it upside down for 1 minute, this will cause the air freshener liquid to begin to impregnate the wood and release the fragrance throughout the vehicle.
  5. Once this is done, hang it from the rear view mirror of your car

Vismaressence - Perfume Manufacturers

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