Honey body milk

Honey body milk

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Discover our new range of body creams, with incredible scents.

Our body creams have a light touch that will leave your skin soft, with an incredible aroma.

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Honey body milk 

Enjoy your most personal moment with anaromatherapy session and a sweet aroma that will accompany you throughout the day.

Combine it with our body scrubs of the same aroma or the one you prefer, to increase the duration of its fragrance on your skin.

The delicate aroma of vanilla will leave your skin and your bathroom with a sweet and delicate aroma of vanilla that will promote relaxation and will make you fall in love with it.

Frequent questions

Why should I use a body milk?

Factors such as heat, dryness or pollution affect our skin causing dehydration, so using a daily body cream is essential for it to be healthy and strong.

Dehydrated skin causes tightness, redness and roughness, although it is important to use a facial moisturizer, it is equally important to use a daily body moisturizer to maintain a healthy and strong looking skin to fight against external agents.

 When is it better to use a body milk?

Body cream is very important to keep your skin soft and hydrated.

The most recommended time to use your body moisturizer is after the shower or bath, especially if you have used a body scrub.

After taking a shower, the pores are more open so the absorption capacity is greater, this will deeply nourish your skin, which will have a hydrated appearance and a soft touch.

Remember to use it on the parts that are normally naked, such as arms and legs, do not forget to moisturize your hands and feet!

You can also use your body moisturizer at any time of the day.

 How do we apply our body moisturizer?

Taking a small amount on the hand and making circular movements and massaging at the same time the area where we apply the body cream, until its complete absorption.

Vismaressence - Perfumes Manufacturer

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