Frasco para perfume Klee: elegancia y distinción

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Screew Bottle

Box of refillable perfume bottles - KLEE 30ml

Vismar Essence
Introducing the 'KLEE 30ml' bottles, specifically designed to preserve the scent and notes of yourbulk perfumes. Made from premium glass, these containers are ideal for protecting fragrances from external influences, ensuring exceptional durability and freshness. Each box contains 100 units and is available in a variety of sizes: 30ml, 50ml and 100ml, to...
Screew Bottle

Box of refillable perfume bottles - KLEE 50ml

Vismar Essence
KLE50ML- 120u
Discover our box of "KLEE 50ml" perfume bottles, ideal for preserving the essence of your fragrances thanks to their high quality glass construction. Each box contains 120 units, available in different sizes to suit your needs. Please note that perfume atomixer are sold separately. Find the perfect option for packaging your bulk perfumes and explore our...

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