1 Pack Tiras Secantes para perfumes

1 Pack Scent Strips

VAT included 5-7 days

1 Pack Scent Trips

The scent strips are made of high quality paper, They have great absorption capacity, therefore they are ideal to give your clients perfumes and essences to taste. You can use them to make your own blends or to get a more accurate smell of your other perfumes.

This pack contains 500 units of white olfactory strips. They do not have any drawing or logo, you can customize them. Easy and comfortable to test.

Use the scent strips with our bulk perfumes.

VismarEssence -Perfume Manufacturers


1 Pack Scent Trips

Pack of 500 units of scent strips for perfumes. With these scent strips your customers will be able to taste your perfumes.

Scent trips to offer your customers to taste the aromas of your store. They can be customized to your liking, with the logo and name of your company. 

Sizes of the scent strips:

Length: 12 cm.

Width: 1.4 cm.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I use the olfactory strips?

Take the strip at one end and pour the perfume on the other end, shake the scent strip to dry it a bit and then put it close to your nose to smell the fragrance.

Can I personalize them with my company logo?

Yes of course. Send us an email to info@vismaressence.com and ask for your budget, we will send you the different prices according to the quantities.

Can I reuse the olfactory strip?

No. If you have already put perfume on a drying strip, the cardboard is already impregnated with the fragrance of that perfume, and even if it turns it around if you put another perfume, the fragrances mix.

VismarEssence -Perfume Manufacturers

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