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Reed Diffuser Melon

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Reed Diffuser Melon

Reed Diffuser Melon. Set your home or office in a natural and decorative way with this melon fragrance.This aroma diffuser is a product without electric consumption and without alcohol, lasting more than 3 months, diffuses naturally and progressively through its rattan rods, vegetable fiber.

These diffuser refills are sold in bulk in liter bottles to sell them in Reed Diffuser Bottles in your perfumeries with Rattan Reed Diffuser Sticks.For more information about home fragrance diffusers, fill out the contact form and we will send you our catalog of perfumes and prices for wholesalers. 

Frequent questions Reed Diffuser

What is a Reed Diffuser? What is the difference with the conventional air freshener?

The Reed Diffuser has been awarded since its inception with respect to the familiar electric air fresheners. This air freshener for home is natural, with greater efficiency unlike other types of scent diffusers. It creates an irresistible home fragrance without consuming energy and is very decorative.

Something that differentiates them are their canes. The Reed Diffusers consist of rattan or wood reeds, called mikados, since they remind us of the Reed Diffusers game (original from Japan). In these canes the aroma is impregnated, a space is achieved for months and with a very pleasant smell that does not wear out.

Where can I use this air freshener?

This is an room freshener suitable for home or office. Many people use them as a bathroom freshener, so it always has a good aroma and you do not have to invest in the classic stick air fresheners. In the office you can have a personal and pleasant touch for those who enter it. In larger spaces like the living room, it comes in handy, because its expansion is wider than it seems.

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