Aloe vera Home Perfume

Aloe vera Home Perfume

Aloe vera home perfume

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Aloe vera Home Perfume

Introducing a new sprayable air freshener with aloe vera scent for your home. Ambient your home or office in a natural way with this fragrance to the aroma of aloe vera, rich for our health, for the skin, for everything.
This sprayable aloe vera and strawberry air freshener diffuses naturally through the space without leaving any corner without perfuming.

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We all know how nice it is to arrive home and feel a clean, delicious and relaxing fragrance receiving us. We can have this same impression in our car or our office. In some places where food and tobacco are very present, we might want to have a fragrance diffuser.

Nowadays there are hundreds of fragrance diffusers available; different types with any fragrance you like. There isn’t any excuse: we can find the one that fits best our style. You surely use it for the bathroom or the car. Here we offer you fragrance diffusers for wider spaces, like your house or office.

You can buy this product in plastic bottles with one litre capacity and you can use it with any refillable bottle with sprayavailable in our collection, choose yours.

Frequently asked questions about Bulk Air Fresheners

Where to buy jars for bulk air fresheners?

In our section of bottles you will find all kinds of refillable bottles also in PET to be used with air fresheners. You can buy the jars in boxes for your store or business or you can buy them loose.

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