Mango Car Air Freshener

Mango Car Air Freshener

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Mango Car Air Freshener. Give your vehicle a lasting and exquisite essence with our new packaged car fresheners.  

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Mango Car Air Freshener

Give your vehicle a lasting and exquisite essence with our new packaged car fresheners. With natural essences, to achieve a fresh and original aroma.

Check our refillable bottles for car air fresheners, if you are also interested in our range of air freshener car bulk.

Frequently asked questions about our car air freshener

Where to buy bottles for car air freshener?

In our empty bottles section you will find all kinds of bottles for car air fresheners.

How do Car Fresheners work?

The car air fresheners are put in special bottles for car air fresheners for cars that have a wooden cap that acts as a conductor of the aroma. These air fresheners have a special composition for cars, remember that it is not the same composition of the reed diffuser air freshener.

For the evaporation process, you should start removing the plastic shutter.

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