Enjoy the summer with the best perfumes in bulk.

   Summer has arrived and with it comes the time to change fragrance, what we want are perfumes with fresher and summery scents that take us directly to the sea. We know that choosing a perfume for this season is not easy, not all scents are suitable at this time, in Vismaressence you will find the best range of perfumes in bulk, it is time to make room in our wardrobe for fresher scents.

   A perfume says a lot about the image we want to transmit to other people and about ourselves.  With the arrival of warm weather we find the opportunity to choose a new fragrance that expresses everything we want to show through our body perfume. It is the moment to choose perfumes with fresh, light and summery touches; full of citrus and floral aromas.

   We have a spectacular unisex range, among them we have chosen the best perfumes in bulk especially for you with citrus and floral olfactory notes that best suit the season, and that will surely make you live the best experience. Mixing all these characteristics, we have selected the best fragrances that will accompany you this summer:

Exquisite perfume with floral summer notes and fresh aroma, that can't be missing in your suitcase. It will be your best ally this summer.

It will become your ideal complement this summer with floral amber summer notes, you will love it.

It is a unisex perfume of the olfactory family Aromatic Aquatic that will provoke a sense of peace and tranquility providing the necessary freshness on hot summer days.


   With summer comes the sweet aroma of the sunsets, the intense aroma of the long hot nights and the salty aroma of the sea, that is why every woman seeks to join these sensations through her fragrance, which becomes her ideal complement during the summer. Perfumes benefit us mentally and emotionally, raise our self-esteem, make us feel more confident and sexy. There are a multitude of scents and we want to help you find the right one for you by showing you our fabulous selection:

It is the perfume that will awaken the liberation of your senses, Floral Aquatic, causing you a very pleasant sensation.

Immerse yourself in a sea of sensations, the perfume that will be the perfect complement that will make your look the most ideal.

 The perfume for self-confident women, A joyful and luminous dew for an irresistible femininity that radiates pleasure and confidence, a powerful and wonderful superior fragrance.


   Personal care is something no man wants to neglect, so choosing the perfume that represents you has become an important part of daily hygiene. Summer perfumes with refreshing scents reflect the man you are and the man you want to be. Here is the selection you won't want to miss:

·                        Similar Perfume for men - VismarEssence 030

It is a fresh fragrance, with a sensual, young and free spirit. It combines aromatic citrus notes, it will give you self-confidence.

·                         Similar Perfume for men - VismarEssence 027

It is a perfume for man of the olfactory family Aromatic Aquatic. This perfume is aimed at the man characterized by elegance and simplicity.

 This perfume is for the perfect gentleman, the one who is looking for a fragrance with a unique personality, Citrus Aromatic.


Summer is the season of the year in which we enjoy the outdoors, relaxation and hedonistic pleasures, so we encourage you to discover through the fresh aromas of endless beaches, wild nature and exotic, the selection mentioned above will move you those feelings and make your perfume the perfect complement to this season.


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