How does your house smell?  Mikado air freshener, the best fragrance for home

Candles, mikados, aroma diffusers, air fresheners, catalytic lamps ... there are a lot of different types of air fresheners for home, but one of them has been elected like the best air freshener by our consumers. Mikado air freshner, this article why they are so awesome.

The best aroma for your home

What could be better that coming home and being recived in a fantastic scent that will make you feel at home?

Our home is one of the places that we stay most of our part of the day,  make it more comfortable using a air freshner.

A pleasant scent makes you feel more comfortable at home.

To achieve that pleasant feeling of warmth at home, it is important to choose well the air freshener with a scent that identifies yourself and saw something about your personality. 

What is the best air freshener for home?

For choose an air freshner you have ou should think mor about using it more than choose the scent.

For example, if we use the air freshener at a specific time, scented candles are perfect. However, if you are looking for a constant perfume, Mikado air fresheners are your best option.

Mikado air freshener

Mikado air freshener releases the fragrance in a constant and lasting, its requires no supervision and gradually releases its aroma without supervision.

The Mikado scents air fresheners are made up of essential oils that constantly release the scent through their rattan sticks that are inserted into the bottle.

The intensity of the scent is controlled with more or less sticks. If you need more intensity,you should to turn the dipped sticks. This increases the power of the aroma.

The length of time these Mikado air fresheners depends on factors such as the size of the jar, location, room temperature, etc.

Our Mikado air fresheners have a long scent because the essences used in their fabricantion of quality, which increases their duration and effectiveness.

How can I optimized Mikado air fresheners?

It is an advantage if the Mikado air freshener is in a place where there is a slight draft, as the scent moves with the movement of the air. It is also important not to expose it to direct sunlight, as heat and light can affect the duration of the fragrance.

On our website you will find a wide range of Mikado air fresheners to suit all tastes, from scents with pure sweetness to the most classic, warmest and most inviting aromas.

Discover all of our air fresheners, our website in the air freshener section. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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