The greatness of Reed Diffuser

Home air fresheners have acquired value and importance for us, without doubt one of the most successful is the red diffuser air freshener, which provides a spectacular smell without consuming any type of energy, in a totally natural way.

Choosing the right perfume for our home is as important as our personal perfume, the aromas we choose express our personality, emotions, influencing our own behaviour, an aroma can evoke a memory or a specific place in just an instant.

In Vismar Essence you will find the best variety of Mikado air fresheners, with the best quality and the best designs, ideal to give a distinguished touch to your home.


What is a Red Diffuser?


The red diffuser is a natural aroma diffuser, as it perfumes the home through rattan sticks without the need for any extra energy, it manages to scent your home continuously with little maintenance, they are 100% ecological air fresheners.

It comes in a beautiful glass bottle, available in various shapes and sizes, and includes the sticks that absorb the aromatic essence, the shutter and a bottle cap.


How should you use it?


·         The first thing to do is to open the red diffuser bottle, remove the shutter and leave the cap in place and put the perfume inside until it is full.

·         The second thing to do is to insert the rattan sticks into the bottle and leave them apart, these begin to absorb the aroma and transfer it to the outside, creating an atmosphere in the room.

·         After 30 minutes, the ideal thing to do is to turn the sticks over so that they soak up the aroma and achieve a total ambience.

·         It is advisable to turn the sticks over every so often, as this will give a better result and therefore a better ambience.

·         To intensify the aroma, the only thing you should do is to use all the rattan sticks, the more you introduce, the more intensity you will get, it is also important to turn them every week, so they will stay moist and enhance the aroma.

·         In the following video we show you how to use the red diffuser air freshener.


Red diffuser air fresheners for the home help to create a feeling of well-being, calm and harmony, creating a good atmosphere with the best perfume for you and for those who visit you. It is advisable to change the air freshener depending on the season, adapting the home perfume to the time of the year, fresh smells when temperatures are warmer and intense smells when temperatures are lower. It is ideal for eliminating unpleasant smells caused by bathrooms and other rooms in the home.


We have a wide range of Red diffuser air fresheners, you can choose between the scents that best suit your personality and your home, we present you our particular choice:


·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Mango

Tropical scent very refreshing, leaving a feeling of cleanliness when in contact with the fragrance.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Cedar Lavender

Will bring a woody aroma with floral touches that gives relaxation and elegance to your room, provoking a feeling of well-being and vitality.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Orange Blossom

Fresh and pleasant scent, it provokes a relaxing and emotional effect.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Berries

Enjoy its sweet and fresh aroma that will fill your home with energy, filling you with vitality, joy and good energy.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Ocean

Aroma inspired by the freshness, peace and purity of the sea waves that will fill your home with energy, transmitting a state of well-being, tranquillity and peace.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Aloe Vera

It will bring a fresh atmosphere, a feeling of cleanliness, harmony and purity to your home.

·         Red diffuser Air Freshener - Cotton

Sweet and pleasant scent. It gives a freshly showered or freshly washed sensation.

·         Red dffuser Air Freshener - Melon

Will provide a relaxed atmosphere and a pleasant sweet scent. This sweet scent will bring back beautiful memories and tranquillity.

·         Red diffuser Air freshener - Cream-Strawberry

Sweet and pleasant scent, leads to a feeling of joy, happiness and vitality.

·         Red diffuser Air freshener Citronella

Enjoy its sweet and fresh aroma that will fill your home with energy and also acts as a mosquito repellent as it has antiseptic properties.


In Vismar Essence you will find the best fragrances for mikado air fresheners and the most beautiful and decorative bottles at your disposal. In addition, its aroma lasts an average of 45 days depending on the humidity and temperature of the place, these characteristics make them the ideal gift.

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